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March 30th & April 1st | Live Session Times 12pm - 2pm (UTC -5)

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Everyone is looking to be happier by trying to get the world to conform to their wishes. How’s that working out?


The reason that simple, everyday happiness can seem so elusive is because we’ve been taught that it’s dependent on things going our way. We can be happy if...Our partner is sweet to us. Our kids listen to us. The weather is nice. The party goes as planned. Our boss likes our work, lets us have our desired vacation days, or gives us the promotion we’re looking for.


The problem is that these things often don’t go the way we’d like. And that can leave us feeling distinctly…not okay.


This Option Institute’s Happiness Hacked shows you how to turn that phenomenon around and put yourself in the driver’s seat of your own emotional well-being. We’ll show you how to hack your happiness so that you can be totally okay when things don’t go your way.


Our Option Institute Teachers will give you the tools to:

  • See how it’s not the things that aren’t going your way that produce your unhappiness – it’s the way you’re thinking about those things.
  • Uncover and jettison the hidden beliefs that are unwittingly causing you frustration, discomfort, and agitation.
  • Detach your happiness from the outcome of a particular situation.
  • Feel powerful instead of powerless when we don’t get what we want.
  • Want something strongly – and pursue it without needing it in order to feel good.
  • Implement a 5-step process for quickly feeling okay when you start to notice that you’re tilting the other way.


You can permanently change what’s happening on the inside so that when things on the outside don’t go the way you want, you still feel comfortable, at ease, peaceful, and in control.

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30Mar LIVE SESSION: Part #1
  • Mar 30 12:00 PM to Mar 30 2:00 PM ((UTC-05:00) Eastern Time (US & Canada) )
    Instructor: Option Institute Teacher
47 of 47 seats available


01Apr LIVE SESSION: Part #2
  • Apr 01 12:00 PM to Apr 01 2:00 PM ((UTC-05:00) Eastern Time (US & Canada) )
    Instructor: Option Institute Teacher
47 of 47 seats available